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Since your Low T Risk Score is greater than 20, you should schedule a free consultation. From there we can order labs and determine if you are suffering from symptoms of low testosterone and provide a personalized treatment program.

Free Consultation

How It Works

An HRT program built just for you

Many men don’t realize they’re experiencing low testosterone or andropause until symptoms start showing themselves. Our personalized HRT program is designed to help you take control over your health and live your best life.



Lab work + doctor visit

After your free phone consultation, we'll have you complete some lab work and schedule your initial visit with a doctor to review the results.


Our doctors build your personalized HRT program

We take the time to to understand your medical history, health goals and lifestyle then personalize The Best Life HRT program to meet your needs.


Conveniently Located

Serving residents of Stuart, Palm City, and the surrounding areas.

Increased Energy

Renew energy levels of your youth and break through the lack of drive & motivation

Weight Loss

Regain control of your weight and confidence by optimizing your hormones

Increased Desire & Libido

Reignite your passion and desire for intimacy and be confident in your performance

Increased Muscle Mass

A decrease in testosterone often leads to a decline in strength and muscle mass.

Mental Sharpness

Improve cognition, feel clear-headed and live your best life again

Better Quality Sleep

You can finally sleep soundly through the night again and wake up feeling refreshed.